Every spring the City of Ottawa gives its citizens the opportunity to get out there and clean a small corner of our beautiful city through the “Clean the Capital” program.

Every year for the past 5 years, IBISKA staff have participated in this event, getting out of the office for a couple of hours to clean one of the downtown parks where locals and tourists like to hang out. In past years the IBISKA ‘crew of volunteers’ removed many large bags of garbage from the river edge behind the Parliament building, a very rewarding experience to leave behind a clean park for people to enjoy.

This year our volunteer team of 7 staff tackled Minto Park which is described as “the perfect spot to stop and watch the world go by while you enjoy a cup of coffee or gelato from one of the shops on Elgin Street” (quoted from http://capitalneighbourhoods.ca).

The IBISKA Cleaning Crew  "Because we care, we helped clean up a small corner of our beautiful City" Laura, Gurvinder, Leanne, Elyse, Robert, Diana and AnneMarie (photographer)

The IBISKA Cleaning Crew: Gurvinder, Laura, Leanne, Elyse, Robert, Diana and AnneMarie (photographer)

The event was initiated by Elyse this year and IBISKA’s environmentally-conscious and community-engaged staff enthusiastically participated giving this nice park a good spring cleaning and a little TLC.

Next time you are sitting here enjoying the world go by, make sure to place your styrofoam coffee cup in the garbage bin and your cigarette butt in a nearby or portable ashtray.

Take a moment to read Elyse and Leanne’s article on the ‘Dangers of Styrofoam‘.