TBIPS is the main procurement vehicle utilized by the Government of Canada to procure professional IT services.  Recently, PWGSC has made changes to this vehicle incorporating categories of services previously offered under other supply arrangements such as CPSA and TEMS and gave suppliers the opportunity to refresh their current TBIPS SA/SO.

IBISKA is pleased to announce that we have qualified in Tier 1 and Tier 2 and for all Streams under the TBIPS SA and SO Refresh, except Stream 2 (GIS) for which we did not bid.

Tier 1 qualified suppliers can bid on professional services RFPs valued under $2Million and Tier 2 qualified suppliers can bid on procurement of services valued at or above $2Million.

  • The Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA) categories have now been incorporated into TBIPS SA and SO as Stream 6: Cyber Protection Services.
  • The Technical Engineering Management Services (TEMS) categories have been incorporated into TBIPS as Stream 7: Telecommunications Services.

IBISKA is now qualified in Tier 1 and Tier 2 for all Categories in the following TBIPS Streams:

  • Stream 1: Application Services
  • Stream 3: IM/IT Services
  • Stream 4: Business Services
  • Stream 5: Project Management Services
  • Stream 6: Cyber Protection Services
  • Stream 7: Telecommunications Services