Title: Senior Financial Cost Specialist Real Property | Apply Now!
Category: Business Opportunities
Reference Number: 10660
Employment Type: Long Term Contract 5+ years
Location: Ottawa
Job Information:

IBISKA is looking for a senior level Financial Cost  Specialist for Real Property

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing cost and cash flow estimates
  • Forecasting costs such as direct project costs, project supporting overhead, corporate or administrative overhead, costs of products and services including leasing cost
  • Assisting with cost controls using techniques such as life-cycle analysis, value engineering, risk analysis, and elemental cost analysis
  • Monitoring actual or expected costs agains previously budgeted costs and preparing variance analysis
  • Providing a review of financial analysis prepared by a different party
  • Preparing value for money calculations

Skills/Qualifications Required:

  • University or College Education
  • Professional Certification preferred
  • Reliability Security Clearance
  • 4+ years experience with financial analysis for the GOC
  • 4+ years of experience with costing and risk for GOC Real Property

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