Title: Embedded Development Engineer | Apply Now!
Category: Application Development Opportunities
Employment Type: Long Term Contract
Location: Ottawa
Job Information:

IBISKA requires an Embedded Development Engineer for a position in Ottawa. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in x86 and/or ARM architecture, experience working with the internals of operating systems, low level programming experience, and knowledge of virtualization.

Required Experience:

  • 5+ years experience in system software development with excellent hands-on experience developing low-level kernel software in C for x86/ARM. Hardware assisted virtualization experience is highly desirable.

Preferred experience:

  • Low-level kernel programming on any OS, for ARM and/or x86 architectures
  • SMP/multicore experience
  • x86 BIOS knowledge
  • MMU programming experience (page fault handling, Linux process model/copy-on-write, optimization, PAE/LPAE, 64-bit)
  • Exception handling experience (writing or optimizing abort handlers or interrupt handlers)
  • Device driver programming
  • PCIe knowledge and programming
  • Device emulation
  • Cross-development experience in Windows and/or Linux/Unix environments
  • Ability to participate in complex technical discussions and initiatives
  • Strong communications and organizational skills

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