On the occasion of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, IBISKA is participating in the events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which is said to be a defining moment in Canada’s history as a nation.

IBISKA is sponsoring the Signals Commemorative Battlefield Study Tour that is taking place this month including a visit to the WWI / WWII battlefields in France and Belgium. On April 9th the group will be joining the national commemoration at Vimy Ridge.

This program is to recognize deserving soldiers from the Communications and Electronics units from across Canada. These are the soldiers that provide the information systems for the Canadian Forces. The program aims to educate these young soldiers on the military legacy of their predecessors and to give them an opportunity to honour fallen members of the WWI / WWII signals unit and other regimental Canadian soldiers.

In particular, the junior soldiers will learn about Canadian Signal Officers who demonstrated outstanding courage and lost their lives during WWII, as they volunteered to serve with Special Operations behind enemy lines where they provided intelligence for several months in support of D Day operations.

IBISKA is proud to be sponsoring a young airman, with the information support unit at Cold Lake, Alberta, who has been selected to take part in this study tour.

C&E Vimy Battlefield Study Tour Sponsorship

C&E Vimy Battlefield Study Tour Sponsorship