IBISKA is proud Building_Peace_postcard_4x6to support a local not-for-profit organization, One World Dialogue, who is organizing this fascinating event in partnership with the Deifenbunker Museum, on the theme of “Building Peace”.  The exhibition will run from September 14 until December 31, 2013 and is part of a three fold program offered this year by the Museum on the theme of Peace.

In this unique underground setting, a historical artifact of the cold war era, the Museum and One World Dialogue will be displaying visual art representations gathered from a broad spectrum of people from the Ottawa community including professional artists, school children and various community groups, on the topic of what it means to build peace now.

The exhibition will be held in the Bank of Canada Vault (100 level of the Deifenbunker) where the one thousand paper cranes, folded by participants at a museum event held this month, will also be on display as a reminder of the children who died in the Hiroshima bombing.

Find out more about this inspiring eventand take this opportunity to share your own views on ways of building peace now in our communities and in the world.

The paper cranes symbolism points to the touching true story of a girl, Sadako Sasaki, who lived in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing by the United States. She developed leukemia from the radiation and spent her time in a nursing home creating origami (folded paper) cranes in hope of making a thousand of them. She was inspired to do so by the Japanese legend that one who created a thousand origami cranes would be cured by the gods. Her wish was simply to live. However, she managed to fold only 644 cranes before she became too weak to fold any more, and died on 25 October 1955 in the morning. Her friends and family helped finish her dream by folding the rest of the cranes, which were buried with Sadako.” (Quoted from Wikipedia)