IBISKA is a major player in the IT Security consulting space with many current task based contracts spanning multiple years and multiple categories of service. Over the past couple of years, IBISKA has been awarded 12 large IT Security contracts with 10 distinct Government of Canada Departments/Agencies as a result of competitive bids.

We are currently delivering under these multi-year contracts involving a very broad range of IT Security services categories at various levels of experience including:

  • IT Security Engineer
  • IT Security Design Specialist
  • TRA and C&A Analyst
  • PKI Specialists
  • IT Security Vulnerability Assessment Specialist
  • Business Continuity Planning Specialist
  • Privacy Impact Assessment Specialist
  • IT Security Product Evaluation Specialist
  • IT Security Methodology and Policy Analyst
  • IT Security Installation Specialist

IBISKA has assembled a large team of highly qualified and reputable IT Security consultants to work under these contracts. We have received high praise from many clients for the quality of our services and our delivery team’s depth of understanding of the client requirements.

We have on-going requirements in all of the categories listed above and are continuously looking for IT Security practitioners with the ability to work full time on site as well as consultants to work on short term assignments off site. We invite IT Security practitioners to contact us to discuss current and upcoming opportunities.