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I want to join IBISKA, how do I get started?

First… make sure that your area of experience matches our service portfolio.


  • if you are already a consultant, contact us and send us your resume highlighting areas of expertise/interest. We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss next step.
  • if you are new to consulting, think about your career goals, where you are now and where you would like to be – is consulting the next step you want to take?

Third… if a career as a consultant appeals to you, call or email us to discuss further with one of our recruiting staff.

Fourth… if there is a good match between our service portfolio and your experience and interests, and if you are ready to take the next step, we will guide you through the rest of the process. An in-person meeting is often the best approach at this stage.

My Security Clearance is held by another firm; is this a problem?

No. As long as your security clearance is active, IBISKA will obtain your permission to duplicate it under our firm.

I want to work in the Federal Government and have no security clearance, how do I get clearance?

IBISKA will sponsor individual consultants for Federal Government security clearance when a contract for this individual is imminent or when a consultant is being proposed as part of an IBISKA bid.

Consultants currently working under contract with IBISKA may have their clearance upgraded to a higher level if this is required for their current or future work assignments.

Do I need Liability Insurance as a consultant?

Good News! No. All of IBISKA consultants are fully covered under IBISKA’s Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, and Error and Omissions Insurance… at NO COST to you!

Do I need to incorporate as a consultant? What does this mean?

Yes. This is IBISKA’s preferred format in engaging consultants.

  • Incorporation: If you are new to consulting, you will need to form a company (incorporate) and acquire a Business Number. See next questions for how to do this.
  • HST: You will be charging HST (13% of total invoiced) for your services to IBISKA and remitting collected HST based on a pre-established formula or on calculation of HST collected minus HST paid by your corporation.
  • Source Deductions: Your corporation will be responsible for paying you a salary, including deducting and remitting all applicable income taxes, CPP and EI.
  • Corporation Expenses Claim: Your corporation will record and claim any legitimate business expenses (including your salary) that can be written off against your corporation’s revenue as part of yearly income tax return.

How do I incorporate a company?

Some things to consider when contemplating incorporation:

  • There is an initial fee to incorporate a company.
  • You can apply for incorporation online – see links below.
  • Corporations are subject to a lower tax rate than employees.
  • As an owner of the corporation, you and any other person helping you in your business can be employees of the corporation with fixed salaries that you determine in accordance to your needs.
  • If you receive a salary from your company, all payroll deductions are applicable (CPP, Income Tax) except for Employment Insurance (EI). As an owner of a company you are not eligible for collecting EI. As a result you don’t have to pay into it.
  • Your corporation invoices IBISKA on a monthly basis for your services based on days worked + HST.

Useful Links

This site lays out the benefits of Federal vs. Provincial incorporation: http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/incorporation/f/Provincial-Versus-Federal-Incorporation.htm

Once you have decided on your Corporation Jurisdiction, you can fill out the forms and apply online:

This article gives you a breakdown of some of the advantages of corporations: http://www.taxpage.com/Articles/incorp.htm

Another good site to visit is the Industry Canada web site http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/cd-dgc.nsf/eng/cs04579.html which highlights the benefits of incorporating Federally

The above information is generic in nature – therefore make sure to seek professional advice from an accounting professional to discuss your unique situation.

How does payment work?

  • On Boarding Package: Upon joining IBISKA you receive a consultant information package that includes a Time Sheet and a sample invoice that you can use to make up your own format.
  • Time Reporting: As a consultant you will be filling in an IBISKA time sheet, correctly recording the number of hours actually worked every day – this does NOT include time spent for lunch or breaks.
  • Invoicing: At month end, you will indicate on this time sheet any major activities accomplished during the month as applicable and you will be getting this time sheet approved by the client project authority or manager. You will then submit your invoice, together with this approved timesheet, to IBISKA for payment – via email or fax.
  • Payment Terms: IBISKA’s terms are 30 days from receipt of your signed timesheet and invoice. However, if you submit your timesheet and invoice within the first 3 business days following month-end, we will set your payment for the 30th of the following month. Payments are made via Direct Deposit
  • This is a very simple process handled efficiently by our accounting team – all payments are on-time, hassle-free, based on the terms indicated above