As a client of IBISKA, our team is truly your team. Our employees apply dedication, industry knowledge and a high level of energy in meeting or exceeding your expectations in all aspect of service delivery, from understanding your requirements, to delivering accurate services and on-going quality assurance. Our consultants are highly motivated with extensive experience and subject matter expertise working to assist you in meeting your business goal and project objectives.

As a consultant of IBISKA, our team is truly your team. Our close-knit and efficient team of employees offers considerable experience in identifying great project opportunities that will assist you in advancing your career. Our team works closely with you on building strong bid responses, providing advice and writing assistance in profile presentation, and skillfully handling coordination, administration and facilitating other important consulting ‘must have’ such as security clearance and pre-qualification on various procurement vehicles.


Close-knit, skillful, smart, efficient, innovative, dedicated, team players … all are attributes of IBISKA employees. We all work together towards a common goal: service excellence in all areas of our organization.

IBISKA office employees are organized in functional teams so they can leverage a continuously expanding knowledge base in specific operational areas:​


Proposal Development and Service Delivery


Administration, Technology, and Finance


Account Management



To a large extent, employees also work within cross-functional teams, combining expertise to plan, manage and deliver services under IBISKA’s contracts; and to plan and create proposals in support of on-going business development.


Executive Team

executive-head-1Narindar Khabra, Founder and President

With 30+ years in the IT industry in engineering, operational, management and business leadership roles, Narindar has an intuitive understanding of industry trends and market directions. He is a strategic thinker and strong leader who values service excellence based on continuing improvement and business renewal.

Narindar holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and B. Sc. (Honors Electrical Engineering) from the University of London, England. Following a diversified engineering career in the private and public sector, Narindar has been successfully involved in the creation, development, and operations of consulting businesses since the 1990’s. Narindar has guided the company through the ups and downs of the market armed with exceptional business acumen and financial management skills.

executive-head-2Mirelle Gélinas, Vice President

Mirelle has wide-ranging experience in service delivery and team management. Following a long career in the human relations field as a helping professional, Mirelle actively participated in the creation and development of IBISKA’s business model and has supported IBISKA’s operations since 1995. She has applied dedication, leadership and a high level of skills in many areas of operations including financial management, consultant care, proposal development, service delivery and corporate communication.

Mirelle holds a Bachelor degree from Université Laval and a Masters degree from the University of Ottawa in Social Work. Given her background, Mirelle has a strong commitment to environmental and social corporate responsibility. She has provided leadership in IBISKA’s participation to many fund raising events in support of disadvantaged groups within the community.