IBISKA is proud to announce that we have been awarded a  3 year contract by Shared Services Canada (SSC) to deliver IT architecture services in support of SSC’s goal to develop new, and enhance existing, enterprise-wide IT infrastructure. The contract value is $4.4 Million for the initial period of the contract (1 year); there are 2 additional option years.

This is a great win for IBISKA!  It builds on our current work in support of SSC’s Enterprise Architecture Sector. Through this task-based contract we will be providing a Senior Level of Expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture

This contract will be used across Shared Services Canada. The goal is to assist SSC in addressing the challenges, opportunities, rewards and risks associated with an enterprise-wide approach in the Government of Canada. SSC aims to consolidate IT infrastructures across 43 partner departments to gain efficiencies and realize savings through economies of scale.

If you have a senior level of expertise and are interested in a challenging and rewarding assignment with the Enterprise Architecture sector of SSC, please contact us now!  See our career page for a description of the general tasks and responsibilities for each of the positions listed above.